So... here's the scoop!

As I grow older, the more aware I become to the essence of art. Days pass so quickly and the beauty of photography is the ability to see and feel those memories forever once our days have passed. What drives my business are those raw, emotional moments that I convey through my works of art. 

I also have a passion for business and evolving a "bright idea" into something tangible and real. Along with photography, I run my second full time business, Cottonwood Shanty. Within this, I blog about home renovation, sell one-of-a-kind paper scrolls and share inspiring design. I guess you can say I like to stay busy... or crazy! They sound about the same now'adays.


Some things you should know about me...

I married my high school sweetheart. We have a pet squirrel named Douglas. My favorite flower is the peony. Fireflies = fairies. My favorite series is Grey's Anatomy. I love bunnies though I'm highly allergic to them. I drool over corbels. I hate coconut flakes. I have a huge sweet tooth. My favorite band is John Mark McMillan. We married in Portland, Oregon. Tools > diamonds. I like long walks through Target. I can rap the entire Fergalicious song... boom!


The Niddy-Griddy

With 8 years of photography experience and a degree in Photography from the Art Institute, I am utterly confident in my niche of market. Since college 5 years ago, I've been driven to learn more and accomplish even greater things.


Businesses I've had the opportunity to work with:


My Wedding Day

Video production: Megan Renee Photography