To Do A First Look Or Not?

Hey beautiful friends!! A few months ago, I started a quick weekly chat over on my Instagram stories every Wednesday. I wanted a way to help brides more but I also wanted to connect and offer my tips for planning a wedding. With many years of shooting/experiencing weddings, I've seen what works and what doesn't work so much. I decided that blogging about each of the Wednesday chats would be great for those who may have missed the previous chats or to look back for reference.

A few weeks ago, we chatted about first looks. For those who don't know what a "first look" is, it is a special moment before the ceremony, that the bride and groom see each other. Though it may not be traditional to some, the trend is growing. So let's dive into the goodies!

To do a first look or not?

There is no right or wrong answer here. It's all based on your personal preference and what the bride/groom decide to go for. I wanted to jot some pros of each side to help you further your decisions for your big day. 

The biggest deciding factorDo you want to share your first look moment with just yourselves or with you guests?


Doing A First Look

If you decided to have that intimate moment with just yourself and your groom, this is for you. Speaking from a photographer AND personal experience, I always recommend a first look and here's why:


Personally, (though our wedding was a bit untraditional) I loved doing a first look when I got married. It was a special and intimate moment with just the two of you. You're able to get out those "freshly-married-nerves" and just relax. It also makes for some great photo moments. Some grooms are able to relax more, be in the moment- showing more emotions that wouldn't have been if standing in front of 100-300 guests.


One of the biggest perks to doing a first look, is the ability to get the majority of your photos done BEFORE the ceremony happens. This frees up a huge chunk of time after the ceremony (that keeps your guests waiting) and allows you to actually enjoy bits of your cocktail hour!

Seeing Each Other At The Alter

There's nothing wrong with waiting until the alter. In fact, my past brides were split 50/50 with this decision. It's the more traditional way of seeing each other and some brides love the thought of walking down the aisle seeing their groom first. So here's some perks of this route:


Maybe you have a really close family and friend relationship and you want to experience that first look with them. Raw, genuine emotions that can be shared with everyone else!


The church doors open, everyone stops and stares... and everything is perfect in this moment. Your groom is at the end of the aisle and your life is about to change. I feel this is every ladies fantasy when she dreams about her big day. If it's yours, go with it! This is still an incredible moment that you could experience with your groom AND guests!

I hope this helped you decide what route to go. Again, there's not right or wrong decision- it's just what fits you both. Want an extra way to make your day special? What about doing a first look with your dad? Or your mom? Or your bridal party? Remember, it makes for some great photos and is extra special! 

Thanks for reading more on this chat! Are you married? Let me know below what you and your husband did at your wedding! I'd love to read your experience and recommendation!

Hugs, Alyssa