Logo Design- Wood With A Past

I've been gradually working on more design work. This logo product I'm very excited to share with you all. Allen, owner of Wood With A Past reached out to me a few weeks back to create a new logo design for his company.

Wood With A Past specializes in custom reclaimed wood products. Allen is renovating and transforming a new storefront in downtown Millersburg to create an ultimate showroom for his work. You can find more information regarding his new opening here

When Allen and I began talking, he expressed his work to be timeless, rustic and all reclaimed. After scoping out his beautiful website, I knew we could come up with something great. 

Wood With A Past Website

Below are some example inspiration pieces that helped direct us in the right way. We wanted the logo to have a simplistic, industrial feel. 

All Above Images Via Pinterest

I decided to take saw blades into consideration. With his company name "Wood With A Past", I wanted to highlight the timing and past of the reclaimed wood. Flowing the arrow from the saw blades was a great touch symbolizing the history of the resurrected wood. Allen was so great to work with and knew the direction he wanted his company to head. After a few back and forth emails, we nailed his logo to a timeless, symbolic logo. 

Wood With A Past Logo

I'm so thrilled with how this design finished out. I'm even more thrilled to see it hanging on his front store soon. Here's his final branding board.


Allen, thanks again for keeping me on my toes and allowing me to dip further more into design and branding work. I'm very excited to see where your company grows.