New Years

I know, I know I'm a little behind but better late than never! When I first took these photos with Alexis, I solely wanted them to just welcome everyone into the new year. I'm not one to make resolutions, because lets face it, I'm human and I rarely follow through with em! How many can agree with that!

The more I thought about what this year is going to hold, the more I got excited and the more butterflies that my stomach held. Yes, because this will be a special year but also because I'm terrified. For those who know I'll be graduating from the Art Institute in Pittsburgh here come March. Classes started last week and I can't help but swallow that big hunk of nervousness that's caught in my throat. I love learning and meeting the new people but I want nothing more to be done with the school "work".  For once in my life, I'll be faced with life outside of any schooling! It's not all that bad, I love not going to school but when you're going to school for all your life, it's really all you become accustomed to. I'm super thrilled with what 2014 will bring me though! 

Last night I laid in bed and my thoughts flooded my dreary, foggy mind. For the first time, I had the desire to write down what I wanted to accomplish this year. I always strive to be inspired and I kept thinking of everything that I would LOVE to do this year. I'm a list nerd, so what better way than to make a list and publish it to all y'all!! 

So here's my top 5 resolutions. . .

1. I would so love to published somewhere! I would like to get my work out there in a wedding blog site. I'm constantly inspired every time I skim through the heaps of wedding, lifestyle blogs. . . I want to be one of those photographers that I can see my work on someone else's blog!

2. Blog more personal "stuff". I would love to take on documenting more of my every day life. Just care free, non-stylized awesomeness of the littlest glimpses of every day life.

3. Grow! Now this may be a little given but I don't want to get into a slump after graduating. I want to continue to grow as a photographer (as I'm sure I will) but continue to learn and be inspired.

4. Meet new people!! I want to grow my connections and meet people that enjoy being inspired as much as I do! I want to meet more creative people that share the same passions and look at the world differently!

5. I want to continue to make my clients happy they chose me. I want them to walk away from their time with me, and think to themselves, "Wow I'm super excited to see these photos!" I want to push my creativity to the limits to give my clients the best of the best! I strive to give my clients something they can hold on to years from now and remember that day like it were yesterday.


You guys are the bomb-diggity, peace and love, I'm out <3