Alexis: Ohio Senior Photographer

Alexis. Oh my sweet Alexis. I always dreamt of having a sister when I was younger. One that I could laugh with and do her hair up all pretty. When I first started dating Taylor (her brother), I had no idea that I would also gain a sister. With her tight natural curls and the ambition of a determined strong young women, she will conquer whatever crosses her path. I will miss her dearly in the next couple weeks as she adventures off into the large world. She will start her hike on the Appalachian Trail soon and life for her will change rapidly. She's grown into a sweet young lady with a free heart and follows her determination where ever it takes her. 

Though I will miss her and along with everyone else, I know she will grow and blossom as she ventures out. Alexis, myself and everyone else are very proud of the accomplishments that you've already made and will continue to make.

We love you! Lyssa