Magabe:: Ohio Wedding Photographer

Leah & Simon Magabe:: May 10th, 2014

Ohh gee, where to start with this beautiful day. I have never felt so like family at a wedding before. From the very beginning, the Leah and her family were so welcoming and loving. The small country church was decorated in blush and mint. A small touch of vintage was the perfect touch.

Now, I'm a huge mush and cry at every wedding I shoot, no excuses. But when Leah walked down the aisle to her sister singing "A Thousand Years"- the song I dream of walking down the aisle to someday.. tears of happiness for the beautiful bride. The love between Leah and Simion was so pure, it was so real, and It was so good. 

The whole family was so welcoming and had open hearts. God's love really shines through these people. I had felt like I attended that church since I was little. I felt like a family friend. The day wasn't hectic, and it wasn't crazy like some weddings. This one felt different. It was just.. right.

And don't let their kind hearts fool you all, they sure know how to boogey down man!! 

Much love and blessings to the new couple, Alyssa

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