LOVE OF GOD:: Finding My Identity in Christ

Ah, where to start. Felicia and I never had a close friendship, heck we would just pass each other in the halls of high school and smile most of the time. In my head, she had a great sense of style and a great personality, but that's all I knew about her. It wasn't until after her home coming from her mission trips over seas a few short months ago, that I reconnected with this gal. 
I put myself in her shoes. I couldn't imagine leaving all my friends and family for about half a year and coming home to what was so everyday, to now being so foreign. Yeah I'm sure I would miss home, but I'm sure it wouldn't be like it was before. I kept updated on her Instagram and social media posts and I clearly saw her transformation in Christ and heart after the long months away. How could one not see?
I reached out to her not knowing what to expect. 
Months later, I have a wonderful relationship with Felicia. I feel like I've known her since we've been able to crawl. She gets me, I get her, and we act stupid when we're together. She's made an impact on my life and I wanted to share that impact with the world. I had brought up the idea of doing a video on her testimony to her and she was all in. I didn't want something stuffy, not something boring, but something real. As real as a changed life. 
See we don't always get life. We have struggles. We have fears. We think we have it all figured out by the age of 14. But what sometimes we forget is that we have something so precious. Something so perfect and something that is always right in front of our eyes. And that something is the flawless love of our Father. Amen.
Our hopes for this video is just to touch a heart. To make a difference in the way we see others, ourselves, or even Christ. We're never left astray and as the days past, I know I was meant to fall in the path of this amazing woman. Enjoy.
Much love and blessings, Alyssa