Three Nails Workshop:: Bonnie + Clyde

May marks one year that has pasted since the amazing Three Nails Workshop held by Hunter Leone of  Three Nails Photography. Almost a year and a half has pasted since I first opened the email stating I had won a free seat to the workshop from the Green Wedding Shoes wedding  blog. I was beyond thankful for such an opportunity and stoked to learn from this well known talented photographer.

We headed south to Louisiana where I was welcomed with the red dirt of the south and other talented photographers amped up for learning. On the first day of the workshop, Hunter revealed we would be shooting a Bonnie and Clyde inspired bridal shoot. YAAH. Stolen money, guns, and gorgeous gowns.  

The first day consisted of taking "engagement" portraits of Bonnie (model: Marisa Marble) and Clyde (model: Sam Stanford). We arrived to the gorgeous home of The Dixie Cotton Gin, where the southern humidity was hot and the scenery was perfect. The second day of the workshop consisted of bridal portraits of Bonnie. Draped in the elegant high-end gown of Anna Campbell, Bonnie's bridal gown spewed of jaw dropping perfection. On this day, we learned about the placing of lights and getting shots with the handmade sets of Hunter. Industrial lights, factory crates and worn floor boards made this set come alive. On the third day, it was wedding time. Bonnie and Clyde with the love of two friends, pulled off the side of the road for their elopement. Gorgeous florals from La Bloom, a naked cake made by Hunter himself and a sun drenched evening was the perfect romantic setting. 

When I think back to a year ago, I can't help but smell the smells of spring from the south. The workshop was a dream like no other and I am very humbled to have been given the opportunity. Thank you to everyone who put such hard work into this workshop so photographers from all over the states can learn and grow. It's only my dream to host such fabricated workshops like this. Y'all are amazing, thank you!! Enjoy. 

Hugs, Alyssa