Three Nails Workshop:: Bonnie + Clyde

May marks one year that has pasted since the amazing Three Nails Workshop held by Hunter Leone of  Three Nails Photography. Almost a year and a half has pasted since I first opened the email stating I had won a free seat to the workshop from the Green Wedding Shoes wedding  blog. I was beyond thankful for such an opportunity and stoked to learn from this well known talented photographer.

We headed south to Louisiana where I was welcomed with the red dirt of the south and other talented photographers amped up for learning. On the first day of the workshop, Hunter revealed we would be shooting a Bonnie and Clyde inspired bridal shoot. YAAH. Stolen money, guns, and gorgeous gowns.  

The first day consisted of taking "engagement" portraits of Bonnie (model: Marisa Marble) and Clyde (model: Sam Stanford). We arrived to the gorgeous home of The Dixie Cotton Gin, where the southern humidity was hot and the scenery was perfect. The second day of the workshop consisted of bridal portraits of Bonnie. Draped in the elegant high-end gown of Anna Campbell, Bonnie's bridal gown spewed of jaw dropping perfection. On this day, we learned about the placing of lights and getting shots with the handmade sets of Hunter. Industrial lights, factory crates and worn floor boards made this set come alive. On the third day, it was wedding time. Bonnie and Clyde with the love of two friends, pulled off the side of the road for their elopement. Gorgeous florals from La Bloom, a naked cake made by Hunter himself and a sun drenched evening was the perfect romantic setting. 

When I think back to a year ago, I can't help but smell the smells of spring from the south. The workshop was a dream like no other and I am very humbled to have been given the opportunity. Thank you to everyone who put such hard work into this workshop so photographers from all over the states can learn and grow. It's only my dream to host such fabricated workshops like this. Y'all are amazing, thank you!! Enjoy. 

Hugs, Alyssa

Trip to the West Coast:: Vegas + Cali

I was invited by Farmhouse Frocks to head out to the west coast for a large fabric convention with the team. This was the second time out west but my first time in Las Vegas and California. The bright lights of the unstoppable sin city welcomed us as we cruised up and down the Las Vegas Boulevard for the first time. We all agree that we felt on another land. Though I may never return to the city of party and lights, my first time experience was imaginable. 

While out west, we strolled 4 more hours west to the coast of La Jolla where the atmosphere and vibes are completely different. You could smell the salty ocean moisture in the air and surfers straddling waves. The free spirit of California was my favorite. We stood 3 feet away from the cutest seals ever, ate sushi and saw the largest succulents known to man! 

A special thanks to the Farmhouse Frocks ladies for allowing me to come along and snap shots. Always a treasure.

Much love, Alyssa

A Romantic Shabby Chic Bridal:: Stylized

This romantic shabby chic bridal was inspired by the deep luxurious colors of Valentines, the sweet kiss of roses and a tang of vintage. The vision came alive thanks to the wonderful vendors below that contributed their professional expertise and time. Thank you to all those who put their time and energy into the making of this romantic bridal shoot. 

"Every time I close my eyes
It's like a dark paradise
No one compares to you
I'm scared that you won't be waiting on the other side
Everyt ime I close my eyes
It's like a dark paradise
No one compares to you
I'm scared that you won't be waiting on the other side"

-Lana Del Rey


Hair + Makeup:: Rig & Co. | Gown + Accessories:: Miranda's Vintage Bridal | Floral:: Perfect Petals by Michele | Styling + Location::           A Summerthyme Chic Boutique | Tux: Roberts Tux Shop | Cake:: Sugarfuse! | Bridal Paper Stationery Suite:: Rachel Marvin Creative

Models:: Loghann Lanchman, Hannah Couch, Cede Dahler + Casey Logan

Country Living Fair 2015:: Stone Mountain, Atlanta, Georgia

A year ago this past few days, Farmhouse Frocks and I were making our way to our very first Country Living Fair here in Atlanta, Georgia. We had known very little in the one month we had been in business to tackle such a huge crowd that carried such fantastic women. As a photographer, I was blessed to have crossed paths with Lena from Farmhouse Frocks. When she shared the news that she was beginning this clothing business a year and half ago, I along with many others were shocked. I was excited and thrilled of this new journey with my now business partner. Since the very beginning, I knew in the pit of my spirit this was going to be a big deal and the beginning of bringing the Lord to many women that needed the extra courage and reassurance. 

A year ago, as we traveled to something so foreign and exciting and had no idea of the lives that were soon to be and have been touched. The Country Living Fair has given us a voice of the love and words from the Lord to many. This years Country Living Fair in Atlanta, Georgia was nothing short of just that. So many vendors came out to Stone Mountain, Georgia to see all the beautiful creations and without knowing, the hopes of finding something eternal. 

Here's some quick shots of this years Atlanta show. I hope all that came out, enjoyed a time away and found many treasures from all the booths! 

Much love to you, Alyssa

Lyssa Ann Portraits + Farmhouse Frocks Grand Opening

The celebration of a 5 year dream had finally taken place. Since the beginning of my photography journey, my number one dream  was to have my own creative studio space. I met Lena about 2 years ago and we hit it off instantly dreaming and bouncing ideas of each other. Last fall she was given the opportunity to begin her clothing line. Since then, a mere 5 months, a successful business was created with the help of both of our big dreaming minds. I would talk with Lena about having a huge space that both of us would share.. where great big ideas would unfold. That huge studio dream came faster than both of us could have imagined. 

Last night, we opened our doors to the public for the first time. One month to yesterdays date, we were handed the keys to do as we wished with our new space. Between getting married, moving into our newly renovated home, revamping the studio, and starting so many new adventures, life has been a whirlwind and I'm still trying to pinch myself out of this amazing dream. Last night was a huge success and we can't thank all the wonderful people that came out to support us through this new adventure! 

The Revamping Proccess

The Grand Opening & Final Reveal

LOVE OF GOD:: Finding My Identity in Christ

Ah, where to start. Felicia and I never had a close friendship, heck we would just pass each other in the halls of high school and smile most of the time. In my head, she had a great sense of style and a great personality, but that's all I knew about her. It wasn't until after her home coming from her mission trips over seas a few short months ago, that I reconnected with this gal. 
I put myself in her shoes. I couldn't imagine leaving all my friends and family for about half a year and coming home to what was so everyday, to now being so foreign. Yeah I'm sure I would miss home, but I'm sure it wouldn't be like it was before. I kept updated on her Instagram and social media posts and I clearly saw her transformation in Christ and heart after the long months away. How could one not see?
I reached out to her not knowing what to expect. 
Months later, I have a wonderful relationship with Felicia. I feel like I've known her since we've been able to crawl. She gets me, I get her, and we act stupid when we're together. She's made an impact on my life and I wanted to share that impact with the world. I had brought up the idea of doing a video on her testimony to her and she was all in. I didn't want something stuffy, not something boring, but something real. As real as a changed life. 
See we don't always get life. We have struggles. We have fears. We think we have it all figured out by the age of 14. But what sometimes we forget is that we have something so precious. Something so perfect and something that is always right in front of our eyes. And that something is the flawless love of our Father. Amen.
Our hopes for this video is just to touch a heart. To make a difference in the way we see others, ourselves, or even Christ. We're never left astray and as the days past, I know I was meant to fall in the path of this amazing woman. Enjoy.
Much love and blessings, Alyssa

Photography for me, is a beautiful thing

I'm the kind of girl that dreams of gushes of wind rolling through a large farm house with old wooden floors beneath my bare feet. I want dirt and fresh grass between my toes. I find happiness in pure, genuine love. The kind that smells sweet like spring rain, and kisses tender. I find inspiration in an empty frame hanging on a white wall. I cry at the smallest things and boogie down to indie soul/rock (and I may have just made that genre up). I'm driven by ambition. Ambition to love people. To love people and to make sure they know they're worth more than they will ever know. My camera is my paint brush for the white canvas before me.

Photography for me, is a wonderful thing.

I never expected photography to change the way I view this wonderful, mystical place. I never expected to see the sunshine soak a face with golden happiness. I never expected to be so emotionally attached to photographs nor dream of dancing smiles. I never expected a lot of things when I picked up my parents camera about four years ago. And now I sit here and I wonder where I would be without it.

Photography for me, is a wonderful thing.

I have been blessed with a wonderful talent. A talent that I plan on passing to others through photographs. My hope is for all the people that cross my path, that they will walk away with a glimmer of happiness because they know they are truly, uniquely, and beautifully made.

Photography for me, is a wonderful thing.


Yesterday marked the beginning of Lent for many but in the past I never gave it a chance.. seriously. Yeah maybe in the past it was the "giving up chocolates and sweets" but Lord knows that, that only lasted a good week! This past weekend sitting there in church it struck me: why don't I take this opportunity to strengthen my relationship with God and also my relationship with amazing partner, Taylor.

Lets back up, yes I do go to church, yes I do love my Father above and yes I know that my trust is in Him. But confession time.. do I wish I had a stronger relationship with Him, yes. Do I commit my days to Him everyday, no. I will be the first to sit here and say I would be lying if I read His word everyday nor even prayed. So why am I sitting here on my Tuesday afternoon writing to all you about my relationship with God? Because of humility. For Lent this year, I chose not to give something up but to devote my time to Him and strengthen my relationship with others. Maybe it's time that I'm giving to him. I rarely do that. New Pointe has given everyone a pamphlet on the monthly endeavor taking a word/thought each week and breaking it down that way. Of course this weeks chosen word to focus on is humility. As I sat here this morning I was trying to think of a time that I made the biggest fool out of myself... sounds easy enough right? But as I dug deeper, the thoughts from last night's argument with Taylor had popped up.

Taylor and I have a great relationship. Him and I would both agree that we love each other very much but like every relationship there's disagreement and hurt. We're broken people.. we all are. See for Lent I had not only wanted to grow my relationship with God alone.. I wanted to grow with Taylor as well. A way that we could both connect and grow with God's love. He had started a few weeks back reading the Bible every night for 15 minutes. I'm extremely happy for him for it was a step that I haven't even take. Last night marked the beginning of our studies and as I nudged him to wait for me to read with him, he seemed hesitate. Long story short I ended up upset with his words and left the room after he had rolled over to sleep while I sat there frustrated and upset.

This morning as I found a note of his apology, I sat on the couch and thought about his actions and more importantly, mine. When he rolled over last night, I felt abandoned, hurt, and.. alone. I was upset and his actions suggested like he hadn't cared. Every time I get upset with him, I roll over and ignore him. I have taught him to do the same to me. I couldn't sit here this morning and be mad at his actions, the ones I have taught him, and hold that grudge against him.

"Why the heck are you telling us this Lyssa?!" I'm getting there!

I am humiliated by the way I act sometimes, whether I realize it in the moment or a day later. This is one of those instances. This week I'd like to focus on humility and humbling myself. I owe it to God himself that His grace was enough to cover all my imperfections and selfish actions. I will be reminding myself to think twice before speaking and reminding myself to humble myself before others.


Likewise, you who are younger, be subject to the elders. Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another, for “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” 

1 Peter 5:5


Much love and blessings, Alyss


Part of my New Years resolution was to blog more personal photos and stories. . . well here's my first step into doing so. Now first off, I'm not a super writer (even though I wish I was at times). I surf the web and read all these amazing ladies blogs and they sound so great. They say all the right stuff and make one feel like your part of their stories. I wish I had that. Every time I sit down to write a blog I try and make it all flow and sound amazing. But when I look back and read what I have, it all just sounds blahhhh. Someday the stories that are so vivid in my head will epically make it through my fingers and onto the web.

Papaw (Taylor's grandpa and one I consider as well) is one of those people. He's one that has the stories that can make you sit back, kick your feet up, and stay awhile. He loves telling the stories and experiences that he's encountered. His hands display stories of the past like the mountains show God's touch. Papaw is a wise man. He draws people in with his love and sour dough biscuits. Everytime I step foot into the house I can't help but think of all the memories that took place there.

Taylor looks up to Papaw so much and I can't help but crack a smile every time I see him because I know that I am looking at Taylor in 50+ years. And that's something I couldn't be more appreciative of.

Much love and blessings, Alyssa


Rest in peace Bugsie.

New Years

I know, I know I'm a little behind but better late than never! When I first took these photos with Alexis, I solely wanted them to just welcome everyone into the new year. I'm not one to make resolutions, because lets face it, I'm human and I rarely follow through with em! How many can agree with that!

The more I thought about what this year is going to hold, the more I got excited and the more butterflies that my stomach held. Yes, because this will be a special year but also because I'm terrified. For those who know I'll be graduating from the Art Institute in Pittsburgh here come March. Classes started last week and I can't help but swallow that big hunk of nervousness that's caught in my throat. I love learning and meeting the new people but I want nothing more to be done with the school "work".  For once in my life, I'll be faced with life outside of any schooling! It's not all that bad, I love not going to school but when you're going to school for all your life, it's really all you become accustomed to. I'm super thrilled with what 2014 will bring me though! 

Last night I laid in bed and my thoughts flooded my dreary, foggy mind. For the first time, I had the desire to write down what I wanted to accomplish this year. I always strive to be inspired and I kept thinking of everything that I would LOVE to do this year. I'm a list nerd, so what better way than to make a list and publish it to all y'all!! 

So here's my top 5 resolutions. . .

1. I would so love to published somewhere! I would like to get my work out there in a wedding blog site. I'm constantly inspired every time I skim through the heaps of wedding, lifestyle blogs. . . I want to be one of those photographers that I can see my work on someone else's blog!

2. Blog more personal "stuff". I would love to take on documenting more of my every day life. Just care free, non-stylized awesomeness of the littlest glimpses of every day life.

3. Grow! Now this may be a little given but I don't want to get into a slump after graduating. I want to continue to grow as a photographer (as I'm sure I will) but continue to learn and be inspired.

4. Meet new people!! I want to grow my connections and meet people that enjoy being inspired as much as I do! I want to meet more creative people that share the same passions and look at the world differently!

5. I want to continue to make my clients happy they chose me. I want them to walk away from their time with me, and think to themselves, "Wow I'm super excited to see these photos!" I want to push my creativity to the limits to give my clients the best of the best! I strive to give my clients something they can hold on to years from now and remember that day like it were yesterday.


You guys are the bomb-diggity, peace and love, I'm out <3