I'm going to go out on a whim

and say you like photography... am I right? Maybe you want to up your photography game or maybe you just enjoy looking at pretty photographs. Regardless, I hope I'm able to share some useful knowledge with you so that the next time you're taking a photo, you can do so with ease!



How To Take Better Photos

Today more than ever, photography is all around us. Whether in the family photos we share online, advertising in magazines or simply the cat photos we have on our phones. The difference between a average photo and a great photo can be quite simple though! With three helpful tips, my hope is that you'll be more aware on how you can take better photos either on your camera or the device in your pocket!

3 things you want to think of:


Light Source

Where is the light for the photo coming from? Is your subject being lit by a nearby window, is there a lamp on or are you outside? You'll want to illuminate your subject with that light source or if it's too sunny, find some shade!

EXAMPLE: At this wedding, the bride was getting ready in a dingy basement. I brought her up to the nearest window to let the light naturally illuminate her better while getting ready.



Who or what are you trying to photograph? Once determined, make sure they're centered in the photo... or if you're familiar with the "rule of thirds", put the subject in one of the third sections of the photo.

EXAMPLE: Since this window had a textured patterned, it makes the bride and her mother pop in a black and white image with interest.



You want to eliminate any large or colorful distractions from your photo. They often times take away from a great photo opportunity or ruin a beautiful moment.

EXAMPLE: Right to the right of this bride, there was a large trash can. Zooming in on her or simply moving the trash can makes for a cleaner, more interesting photo without being distracting.

Have the new IPhone that has the "portrait" mode? You're in luck because this feature one-ups your photography game on your cell phone. This focuses on your subject and blurs out the background giving your cell phone photo a nice clean shot!